Compared to other

I came across your products by chance and for me as a mountain guide the snow-saw tour is of course very well thought-out compared to other manufacturers. I like to recommend your product to my guests and colleagues.

Erdmann Käppeler, mountain guide

With the eyes of an engineer

A group of people at the North Pole. No house, no hut, no tent. To escape death by freezing (we ignore the danger of polar bears in this case), protective accommodation is required for the night.

The possession of a reliable snowsaw is a plus in this situation. What do we have then? A plus on the North Pole. Positive pole. Besides, the electrical engineer speaks about the anode. As the anode binds positive particles, the snowsaw binds bigger particles of snow, the so-called snowblocks.

These blocks are able to release the positive energy in the persons, gathered on the North Pole. With a little exercise and exactly from these blocks a little igloo arises. It serves as place of energy conservation for the body heat overnight.

Since the snow at the North Pole is often already there a little longer and therefore is very hard the snow saw must do justice to her name and really saw. The mechanic speaks about cutting shaping. This means that along material this one