Snowsaw "Picco"

Our smallest, lightest snowsaw.

Cost: 49 CHF / 39 EUR
Included: Protective cover
Weight: 179 Grams
Total length: 51.5 cm
Material: Al-Alloy


This saw with small length is optimal, when you don't like to carry around big saws. 

Free delivery when buying for 100EUR or more!

The strengths of the "Picco"

Our PICCO with its cover

Precise, simple and short
Performing snow stability tests with the "Picco" is pure childrens play.

Practical and versatile
The "Picco" is a universal saw and can be used for emergency shelters as well as cutting smaller blocks of snow.

Perfect for children
Perfect for kids to play with. If you need a birthday present, here you go!

Buy also: Saw protection cover​

Very helpful, multifunctional tool

Perfect, multifunctional saw protection tool. It serves not only as a protection for transport in the backpack, but also as a snow peg. It helps building the igloo. A "must have" tool. 

Get your protection cover here.