Snowsaw SCOUT

Snowsaw SCOUT

Price: 69 CHF / 59 EUR
Weight: 219 Grams
Total length: 69 cm
Material: Al-Alloy


Long snowsaw with a unique angled ergonomic handle. The "Scout" is the tool of choice for all avid Igloo Builders.

The angled handle allows you to work with power and is ergonomical. The dimensions of the saw corresponds to the ideal size of a snow block when building igloos. The snowsaw protective cover serve as useful aid.

An indispensible tool for every Igloo Builder. Free delivery when buying for 100EUR or more!

The strengths of the "Scout"

Powerful an ergonomical
With "Scout" the hours of work cutting though the layers of ice sheets is pure child's play.

Dimensionally accurate and efficient
The total length, blade and handle length of the "Scout" corresponds to the ideal proportions of a snowblock. These characteristics enable you to build an Igloo particularly efficient.

Helpful and useful
The snowsaw's protective cover serves as an anchor and centre mark when building an Igloo. The Igloo cord specifies the radius of the Igloo.

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Multifunctional snow protection. Here as a snow peg.

Perfect, multifunctional saw protection tool. It serves not only as a protection for transport in the backpack, but also as a snow peg. It helps building the igloo. A "must have" tool. 

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