Saw protection

Easy to handle, very practical too.

Length: fits to your snowsaw
Weight: 51g (Picco) 59g (Tour) 70g (Scout) 70g (Artist)
Cost: 12 CHF / 9 EUR
Material: Soft-PVC with steel ribs


The protective cover is provided with every snowsaw. It serves not only as a protection for transport in the backpack, but also as a snow peg. It helps building an igloo. Must have. 

Transport protection

Good protection during transportation

The saw protection covers the sharp teeth completely. With that the saw can be transported easily in the backpack and there is no risk of injury.

Snow peg

Cool aid to build an igloo

The saw protection can be formed to an U and pinned in the ground in the middle of the igloo. Then it serves as a fixation for the igloo cord. A very useful and "must have" aid in igloo building.

1. Take the saw proteciton

Take the snow protection off.

First step: Take the saw proteciton off your snowsaw. 

2. Put the igloo cord over

Put the igloo cord over the protection

Put our igloo cord over the saw proteciton.

3. Snow peg

Take the two ends of the snowsaw protection. Put them togheter, to form a snow peg (herring).

4. Anchor in the center

Put the snow peg into the center of the igloo. 

Plumb line for guidance

Now you have a kind of a plumb line. The knot in the line will help you to build your igloo in the exact shape.