Snowsaw short or long?

Our four snowsaws

Different activities in the snow ask for differently long snowsaws. Therefore SNOWSAW.CH offers saws in different lengths.

Advantages short saw
A short saw (Tour, Picco) is ideal to work in cramped place conditions. These saws are indispensable to build an emergency shelter or to set the last block in the igloo construction process.

Advantages long saw
A long saw (Scout, Artist) makes it possible to cut out particularly big snow blocks. Every construction project in the snow gets ready in a flash.

Our recommendation

Building a perfect igloo with the perfect saw.

We recommend the "Tour" for all mountain guides and ski tourers, because it is light, small and handy. It fits in every backpack.

The "Scout" or "Artist", ideally combined with the "Tour" is the perfect tool set for igloo building within reasonable time. One need at least one (better two) long saws to cut out big snowblocks and a short saw to trim the blocks especially at the end of the construction process.

The "Alpinist" was developed for avalanche specialists. It is optimally tuned (length, 30cm / 45cm markings) to carry out the snowcover stability tests.