Handle straight or bent?

Preparing a snowblock

The handle of the snowsaw decides considerably the way of power transmission and the sensitivity during the cutting process. SNOWSAW. CH therefore offers two different handle variants.

Advantages straight handle
The straight handle is always advisable when a very good feeling for the position of the saw but only little effort is necessary, for example for the making of snow sculptures.

Advantages bent handle
The slighty bent handle retains the sensitivity for the position of the saw, however, it sallows simultaneously to make very powerful cuts.

Our opinion

For an igloo you need around 50 such blocks.

The saw with the bent handle is best suited in the vast majority of cases. It is a good compromise between sensitivity for the saw and optimal power transmission.

Although the functional advantages predominate considerably the saw with a bent handle, personal preferences can also be the decisive factor for a saw with a straight handle.

Perfect handle

The handle is absolutely non-slip, formed ergonomically and very robust. It keeps his outstanding characteristics also at extremely low temperatures and hardly takes up humidity.


The handle keeps the grip by the slightly roughened surface and the water-repellent material at all times, regardless of the weather conditions.


The handle (length of 120 mm) can be used very well with thick gloves. Moreover, the high-quality material minimises the vibrations due to its shock absorbing qualities.


The handle offers very high UV protection and extreme abrasion resistance. It consists of dense, closed-cell pvc foam. Indestructible!